Sunday, March 6, 2016

1977 - 1978

South of France and Paris

Thirty-eight years ago, I was a passionate photographer with a new camera. I travelled a lot and took thousands of slides, most of which were destroyed in a fire in 1988. About fifty of them survived because they were in a separate place.

These are the only ones left from a 1978 trip to France. It was a buying trip for a planned new restaurant whose theme was going to be Mediterranean cuisine.

We purchased two braids of beautiful garlic which would eventually hang in the restaurant kitchen.

How could I resist the contrast between the grey stonework and the red of the furniture? The café patron in the centre was just the right centre of interest. 

Back in Paris, we visited the famous Poilâne bakery. They gave us the "grand tour" which included the wood ovens in the basement. This is the only photo left of the bakery. I like how the window reflects the view across the street and even beyond.

Textures and Patterns in London, Ontario

The slides from December 1977 bear the description "Great Snow Storm". A combination of snowfall and wind had produced interesting textures and patterns which are still among my favourite subjects to photograph.

The front door of the small 100-year-old cottage I occupied behind my restaurant.

A detail of the torn screen, shot from inside the house. I like how the shutter speed captured the water drops.

Detail of the run-down fence between the cottage and the restaurant.

Another detail of the same green fence.

Patterns, textures, shadows... all the things I love, including a spot of colour contrast from the buried fire hydrant.

This was my garage. I have a saying that if you want to hide something, you should paint it bright red. You be the judge.